About Skytech

“Coordinator of All the World’s Special Effects”

Abroad, the opportunity to use special effects is bigger. The number of shows is certainly higher, the technology is superior, and new products are more prevalent as well.

We are the company that allows Japan to also make use of these special effects.

“All the World’s Special Effects”

America, a powerhouse of entertainment. Whether through shows in Las Vegas or in theme parks, the staging of musical acts like rock concerts, or Hollywood’s archetypal special effects, America is always introducing new special effects technologies, and the industry is evolving every day.

Skytech is the company that can bring various special effects to Japan from overseas. We take orders not only from America, but from all over the world (though we may refuse components of certain orders).

Not only do we have the ability to order these coveted goods, but based also on diverse experiences and the contacts we have cultivated over many years, if you say “I want a performance of this sort or with this color, what can be done?” we can make proposals of productions in accordance with your vision.

“We Handle Not Only Special Effects But Also Authority’s Approval”

Shooting off pyrotechnics efficiently and safely is our goal. We challenge maximizing the performance of pyrotechnics and minimizing the danger risk.

You must clear several stipulations and obey numerous laws to use special effect fireworks at live or social events in Japan.

“Explosives Control Act”
Regarding materials classified as explosive compounds is one that aims to ensure the safety of the public through laws that regulate the manufacturing, selling, storing, transporting,consuming, and so on, of explosive compounds in order to prevent crime as well as disasters, accidents, and damage caused by explosives.

“Fire Service Act”
Protocol is legislation that seeks to secure public welfare by maintaining peace and order through prevention of, precautions against, and suppression of conflagration. In doing so, it seeks to protect the lives of citizens, both body and property, along with alleviating damage caused by fires, earthquakes, and other forms of natural disasters.

The fire marshals that govern places of assembly require such forms as “Firework Use Notification” or “Request of Relief from Prohibited Acts,” and in the event that you wish to use a volume of explosives beyond what is legally allowed, you must also present a “Fireworks Use Permission Request Form” to the prefectural governor and acquire his or her permission.

With many years of experience, and, having gone on nationwide tours, we can even handle cases where laws and regulations differ from district to district.

Moreover, in making a proposal, while we will as a matter of course obey the law, we will also seriously consider such factors as the fireworks’ special characteristics, the environment in which they are to be used, or whether or not the distance from the explosives to your show’s guests is sufficient. In this way, we will humbly propose to you our plans for a safe production.

Company Summary


Skytech Inc.


June 3rd 2002

Representative Director

Hayato Nozawa

Enterprise activity

Importing and exporting fireworks overseas as well as arbitrating such transactions as an agent.
Fireworks or special effects machinery sales and ancillary business.

All business concerning visual effects at all kinds of events, stages, concerts, PVs and the like.

Head office

1-25-15 Otto-minami Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki
TEL. 029-804-1168

Fireworks Storehouse・ Office

539-1 Hassaki Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki

Related companies

Taiyo Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Yamazaki Fireworks MFG Co.,Ltd

Principal transaction bank

Mitsui-sumitomo Bank Ueno Branch


Japan Explosives Safety Association
Japan Pyrotechnics Association
Ibaraki Prefecture Poisonous substance Safety Association

Legal license

Sales registration of Poisonous material
(issued by Ttsuchiura Health authority, Ibaraki Prefecture)
Import registration of Poisonous material
(issued by Welfare authority of Kanto & Shinetsu district)
Importer registration of Raw Materials including Drug
(issued by Welfare authority of Kanto & Shinetsu district)